Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Mission

What kind of dog is best? ME! Denali. Drum. Dachsund! I am a dachshund who currently lives and works undercover in an undisclosed location in Virginia while napping and working to take over the world. I currently own a small house, some land, a cat and four people. This is only the start of my quest for TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. Do not let my tiny legs fool you. I rule with an iron paw and have hoards of minions who do my bidding.

You can follow my quest for WORLD DOMINATION on my twitter account. I make lots of notes and recruit other minions on there.

This is minion #1. The people call her Tipper. I call her “hey you”. She is mostly interested in licking things and eating the cat’s food. I am afraid she is not really too bright and that makes it difficult to give her more than one order at a time. Sometimes even getting her to do one thing is difficult. Honestly I don’t know why I keep her around. She seems to like the people I found, so I let her play with them and that keeps all of them busy and out of my way while I plot WORLD DOMINATION...and nap.

More notes on future objectives, goals and plans later. For now, I will DOMINATE the sofa with my POWER napping!

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