Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alliances, Enemies, and Other Relationships

It seems that there has been some confusion within the Empire about the particular political alliances. So, I have decided to explain the alliances and antagonistic relationships that I am aware of and participate in.

First, I want to correct the notion that all members of the same species are allied with each other and that the Empire treats them all the same. It seems odd and short sighted to me that that it is the PEOPLE are the ones who seem to want to propagate this idea the most. When the fact it is the PEOPLE who seem tohave innumerable alliances and wars within various factions of their OWN species. The one exception to this rule is the INSECTS (EVIL!). Nearly all of the insects are EVIL and are to be treated as such.

Next, the main alliances within the Empire are between the residents of HQ: myself (of course), Minion #1 (@tipperthedog), some people (I don't know the names they call themselves), some birds who live near HQ and surveil SPYCAT (ENEMY!), the Voles of HQ (whom I attempt to protect despite their seeming desire for self destruction) and a white-tailed rabbit who I call FLUFFY.

The next tier of alliances is with those who live outside of the immediate area of HQ, but who are friends in one way or another. There is, of course, those who are in my cabinet (such as @PennyCat). Then there are those such as ORACLE (the Owl) who live in their own secret hideout near HQ, but not IN HQ.

I realize that this is all very confusing, but to make it all crystal clear, I have devised a chart. If you study this chart carefully, it should answer all of your questions. In the unlikely event that there is still some confusion, please leave me a comment, e-mail or tweet. I really don't know how I managed to rule my Empire before twitter. I have to remember to thank the ORACLE for telling me about it.

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