Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Curses, Spy Cat!

photo by you.Yesterday HQ was invaded by the SPY CAT. This enemy action was unexpected and a bit unsettling since it caught me completely off guard. It also bothered me that @tipperthedog didn't defend the motherland during the incursion.

Here is the story: it was approximately 18:34 when the rear gate to HQ was breached by one of the people. (Note to self: remind the people NOT to open this gate...unless I want to go out..or come in.)

Once the gate was breached, the SPY CAT raced in and went straight for our food stores. This attack was obviously meant to weaken the empire's ability project its power into the area beyond the rear gate of HQ.

Please be on the lookout for this cat! He is an enemy of the empire and is assumed to be CLAWED and DANGEROUS!

I have included plans for my SPY CAT trap as well as some pertinent surveillance camera photos of the incident below.

SPY CAT Trapping and Flinging Device

To prevent this sort of incident from occurring in the future, I have devised clever plans for a device to fling SPY CAT into space if he tries such a thing in the future.

If there are any faithful citizens of the empire reading this who have access to the necessary high-grade steel and welding equipment, please let me know.  Your aid to the security of the empire will be rewarded.

Also, if anyone has a better power source than (@tipperthedog), please let me know.  She is somewhat unreliable and tends to stop to lick things instead of staying focused on the task at hand.

SPY CAT Surveillance Photos

Figure 1: In this photo, we see the SPY CAT sneaking in and making sure that nobody is around before he begins to STEAL our food. Note the EVIL look in his eyes. 

Figure 2: In this photo, we see the SPY CAT starting to consume our food stores.

Figure 3: This is where I rushed in to attempt to take out the target (SPY CAT!).  (@tipperthedog was, of course, nowhere to be seen.  When questioned later, she said "I thought he was hungry."  Humph!)

Figure 4: This photo shows the SPY CAT relaxing outside of HQ in his evil post-incursion glow.


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