Thursday, March 12, 2009

Domination du Monde

Since our ADVENTURE went so well yesterday and since I was able to add two bridges, a LION and Jimmy One-Eye to the EMPIRE, I have decided to try INTERNATIONAL DOMINATION!

After carefully researching ALL of the foreign lands available for possible DOMINATION, Minion #1 (@TipperTheDog) and I have selected France. The reasons we selected France are:
  1. They reportedly have a lot of CHEESE which is very licky according to Minion #1.
  2. Two of my idols live there: Nicolas Sarkozy and Napoleon Bonaparte

My next tasks are:
  1. Research the location of France.
  2. Research the location of ME.
  3. Research how to get ME to France.
My mission there will be to establish a diplomatic relationship between the me and whomever is in charge of France. I will do this by means of DIPLOMACY which I have read about and am referencing here:

Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest things in the nicest way.
Isaac Goldberg
Anyway, if anyone knows anything about France or has any FRANCE DOMINATION tips, let me know. Your dedication to the Empire will be rewarded!



  1. France is lovely, but you might find the language barrier a bit of a problem. Have you thought of trying Australia?

  2. woof woof, ouah ouah, wuff wuff, vau vau - whatever. Dogs speak the "international language". I will add Australia to my list of PLACES TO DOMINATE!

  3. You might want to watch out for Le General Napoleon Buonaparte. He lives in France and commands 680 FB soldiers all over the world. *woof*

  4. Thank you for the information, LouPeb. FINALLY, some USEFUL advice! I will seek out the General and DOMINATE him!

  5. The definition of a dominatrix is a woman who subjects her man to punishment and bondage during sex. ( domme