Monday, March 2, 2009


Today I made the people take me for a ride in the car. After this experience, I believe that there may have been a slight problem with some of my calculations regarding the population of the earth.

Previously, I had counted 27 other domiciles, but after the car ride today, it appears that there may actually be several hundred other houses and maybe more than 200 people on in the world. This does not include other dogs, cats, birds or insects (ENEMIES!)

This means that I must recruit MORE ANIMALS to participate in my ultimate quest toward WORLD DOMINATION!!!  Join me on twitter to aid in the cause!

@tipperthedog (Minion #1) is attempting to recruit more followers, but she keeps stopping to lick things thus delaying the inevitable WORLD DOMINATION that we seek.

Tomorrow, I will commandeer a helicopter to better survey the lay of the land and plan my next attack on the adjacent domiciles.

In the mean-time, I have hacked into a military surveillance satellite and retrieved the following picture which represents the entirety of the known world.

Tomorrow...more details on the helicopter ride...and more naps!

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