Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Philosophy on Ruling THE WORLD!

With all of the talk about WORLD DOMINATION and other such things, I have received several comments from those who seem to believe that I am -or want to be- a monarch. So, I wanted to use this space today to explain a little bit about my philosophy on WORLD DOMINATION.

First, I want everyone to understand that I am not now, nor have I ever been a king. I am philosophically opposed to monarchies. I know that I LOOK like a king because of my striking features and royal stance, but I was born a poor four-paw just like most of the other animals out there. Whatever notoriety I have achieved thus far has been accomplished by sheer force of will and is largely due to my great intelligence. Monarchies are all about birthrights, I, however, rule because I DESERVE TO.

I am also not a dictator, nor am I an elected official. It is my belief that most of those out there (present company excluded) are imbeciles and are incapable of choosing their own governments. (I mean...just look at them...especially, the peoples...without me they would probably be dead in a week.)

So, below, I have included a chart which shows how my government will be organized. I believe that it is very logical and can only be the product of a very enlightened individual (ME!). I am sure that all of my readers will agree.

There are still many positions that I need to fill in my cabinet. So, if you are not listed here, please do not despair. Simply submit your resume or application to me (@dexterthedog or All applications will be considered. I am an equal opportunity emperor. I do not discriminate against people or cats.

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