Sunday, March 1, 2009

Objective: Capture Half of the Known World!!

Today's lesson involves the specifics of how we plan to take over the rest of the known world.

Question: Which of the remaining local domiciles will we capture next?

Answer: This is a trick question! The correct answer is "ALL OF THEM!!!" (All of us dogs say this while shaking one paw furiously in the air.)

As you can see by looking at the map, I have carefully planned all of this out to the last detail.

First, we must divert all of the pedestrian traffic from the sidewalk in front of the house. This will be accomplished by means of a small explosive device and a barricade. Once the cement path is destroyed, the people will be unable to travel and chaos will ensue!

Next, I will send Minion #1 (@tipperthedog) to the adjacent domicile where Gus the enemy dog lives. Her mission there will be to eat all of Gus' food and LICK EVERYTHING so that the people won't want any of it. Once we have captured this objective, we will be much much closer to TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!!

At this point in my plan, I will have captured two of the twenty-seven houses in the known world. My best intelligence agents tell me that the total population of the world is about 75 people, 23 dogs, 14 cats and about 47 other animals including bugs and birds (ENEMIES). My math may be a little bit off, but as I press onward I will update the maps and achieve a more accurate world census.

@tipperthedog practicing tongue
calisthenics for combative licking

More updates after nap...

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