Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ouah! Ouah! Bon Jour!

IMG_0435Well, I did make it to Paris eventually.  I was able to purchase a ticket from Newark to Paris.  The flight took only 6 hours, but it it was already TOMORROW when I got off the plane.  Time is different here.

In any case, my first impressions of this city is that cars are very small and colorful, buildings are big and colorless and the best part is that DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON THE TRAINS!  This makes it very easy for me to get around the city.  In fact, dogs seem to be fairly well respected in most parts of the city.  Aside from the obvious reasons that being dog-friendly is good, it also means less work for ME when I complete my DOMINATION of Paris because there are fewer rules I will have to change.

I have also been able to find satisfactory accommodations near Port Maillot. I am on a very high floor which is good for seeing a lot of the city out of my window and for dominating things.IMG_0438

I do hope that Minon #1 (@tipperthedog) is doing a good job running HQ and maintaining the integrity and respectfulness of the motherland of the Empire.  I also hope that she doesn’t get her tongue stuck on anything since I won’t be there to help her.

My next mission is to go find some people who can tell me where they run this place from so I can begin negotiations.  I will report back soon.  Au revoir.

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  1. Eager to see how it all goes! I would be scared to get on a train--or a plane!

    ♥ @LacyDog (using mom's account)