Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waypoint #2: LION Joins the Empire

We arrived at the LION a short while ago and attempted to commnicate with it, but it was no use.  The LION didn't seem to want anything to do with us.  It was almost as if it was sleeping, but it didn't breathe or make any snoring sounds at all like Minion #1 (@TipperTheDog) does when she sleeps.  I believe it was the guardian of the large bridge where it lives and was just taking its job very seriously.

In addition to being unresponsive, the LION was also much larger than I thought it would be and only looked a little like @pennycat.  It was much larger than me, even when I was standing on Minion #1's head and it was a strange shade of gray.  It's coat was rough and hard, like armor. (Note to self: see if I can find a suitable supplier of similar armor for myself.)

When we arrived, I called out "Hello there!" to the LION, but it was silent and unmoving.  Then I asked it if it was friendly to the Empire, but it still didn't respond.  Finally I said, "If you wish for you and the bridge you are guarding, to join our Empire, there is no need to respond."  The LION said nothing, so I am happy to report that our Empire has now grown by one LION and a bridge.

Minion #1 then asked if she could lick the LION and before I could explain to her that LIONs don't really like to be licked, she had already started licking. Her opinion was that LIONs are NOT licky.

Now...we press onward to WAYPOINT #3!!

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