Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waypoint #3 - BATTLESHIP

We have arrived at waypoint #3.  We were able to see a great WARSHIP.  It was AWESOME!  In case anyone needs to know what to get me for my next birthday, it should be a WARSHIP. (I will also need a crew, but @pennycat actually picked out a crew for a pirate ship at one point, so maybe we can get them to help.  I like if WARSHIPs come in blue, that would be nice.

Anyway, Minion #1 (@tipperthedog) was a bit frustrated by this waypoint because she wasn't able to actually lick the WARSHIP.  It was too far away for her tongue to reach.  She tried, but alas, the WASRHIP was un-lickable.  I have no idea what WARSHIPs are made of, but they look like they are made of the same thing that our kibbles are made of and they smell fishy which you would think would make them very licky.

Note: Dexter's law of lickiness is: "The larger and browner an object, the more licky it is."
It was too far away to hear us when we asked it if it would join the Empire, but here is a picture of the WARSHIP anyway.  We are now on our way to WAYPOINT #4 - TREASURE!!  I will let you know when we arrive.

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