Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waypoint #4 - Buried Treasure

Well, I have to say, waypoint #4 was most disappointing. Let me tell you why. At some point in the past, I acquired a buried treasure map from a reliable local merchant who deals in such things. (Don't ask me who or where. I am sworn to secrecy.)

Minion #1 (@tipperthedog) and I were able to locate the spot where the buried treasure was supposed to be. When we arrived at the spot with the large "X" on the ground, there was another dog (Jimmy One-Eye) already looking in the same spot. I don't know how this one-eyed canine knew about the treasure since the merchant who sold me that my copy of the treasure map told me that it was the only one in existence and he SWORE that he hadn't told anyone else about it. Obviously, Jimmy One-Eye was a psychic of some sort.

Since we showed Jimmy our map and told him that we were the rightful owner of treasure due to the Rule of Finders Keepers, he agreed to help us dig for the the treasure in exchange for a share.

Alas, we dug up the whole area and there was no treasure to be found. Well, actually Jimmy did most of the digging. Minion #1 was wandering around licking things most of the time and I was, of course, supervising the effort...and napping.

After I awoke, Jimmy One-Eye was gone, the hole he dug was empty and Minion #1 was eating the last of the food we packed. When I asked where Jimmy One-Eye went, Minion #1 said, "Is there any more kibble?" which I took to mean, "Jimmy finished digging, but didn't find anything and left in disappointment."

I shall have some strong words for that treasure map salesperson!

Oh well, sometimes even a blind pig finds an acorn. ...or doesn't find an acorn. Because isn't that what you would expect? Nevermind. Ignore the blind pig! ONWARD to the next WAYPOINT!!

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