Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waypoint #6 - The Bridge to Nowhere

After stopping at a quaint little riverside eatery, Minion #1 (@tipperthedog) and I were finally able to cross the Bridge to Nowhere...which is actually the bridge that takes us back to HQ. So, it's actually NOT a Bridge to Nowhere, but a Bridge to HQ.

Anyway, we did have to skip our stop at the CANNON (waypoint #5) which really disappointed me because I was hoping to see if I could somehow attach it to Minion #1's collar so we could haul it home to aid in the defense of the Empire. I shall have to save the task of cannon acquisition for another day.

Here is a picture before our dinner.
Here is a picture after dinner.

After dinner, we walked to the middle of the bridge where there was a man working. I attempted to explain the benefits of joining the Empire to him. He tried to chase us away and defend the bridge (with his broom-wielding-martial-arts), but we were too smart for him. Minion #1 (@tipperthedog) licked him really good and when he leaned over to say hello to her, I untied his shoes. Then he really got upset because he knew that meant that we had won the battle and that the bridge was now part of the Empire.

We finished crossing the bridge and went home where our people were waiting at HQ. They seemed irritated when we arrived, probably because they have a hard time doing much of anything without us. But they eventually hugged Minion #1 and gave us some food (which we didn't eat because we had already eaten dinner...honestly, they act like we can't take care of ourselves).

It turned out to be a fairly profitable day in the end. Here is a recap:
  1. Learned that flowers are NOT licky.
  2. Added a small bridge and a big LION to the Empire.
  3. Learned that LIONs wear armor and are NOT licky.
  4. Discovered that WARSHIPs are AWESOME (and hopefully come in blue for my birthday).
  5. Found out that treasure maps from the salesman by the bus station are NOT accurate.
  6. Met Jimmy One-Eye who helped us dig at WAYPOINT #4.
  7. Ate a three course dinner at a nice restaurant before winning a battle at the Bridge to Nowhere which is now also part of the Empire!
And now, I am going to go to sleep and dream about setting sail in my beautiful blue WARSHIP.


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